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Check out my testimony of how Jesus Christ not only cured me of my sinful ways but he made me a child of God armed with faith and power!

Demon Power Built The Pyramids


WHY DELIVERANCE?The basic point of view at is simple: IF YOU DONT BELIEVE DEMONS ARE REAL AND UNDERSTAND CASTING THEM OUT IS NECESSARY IN SOME CASES YOU ARE NOT A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST. After all, casting out demons was not only one third of Jesus Christ’s miraculous walk on this earth but he gave power to all who believe and follow him, that they may tread on serpents and scorpions. When Jesus called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease (Mat 10:1). THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE …… UNFORTUNATELY SATAN’S DEMONS ARE ALIVE AND STRONGER THEN EVER TODAY IN THE WORLD. To ignore the enemy is a grave mistake that will land whomever makes it in Hell because the fact remains: if you do not believe the warnings of the Lord are pertinent today then you do not believe that the Bible is the truth of God and in your case Jesus died in vain. This ministry is here to assure you that Jesus did not die in vain and with the power of the Holy Spirit and authority of Jesus Christ every demonic knee will bow.

Through hundreds of demonic encounters it has come to light that not only are demons real but TRUE salvation through being REBORN OF THE SPIRIT only occurs through much tribulation and suffering from demonic forces. This occurs because the demonic presence called familiars that have been with a person all their life immediately report up the chain to the Satanic hierarchy and the demonic kingdom goes into a full scale onslaught of psychic attack, spiritual temptation attack, and physical bodily attack. The attacks sometimes are so ruthless, vicious, and frightening that it may seem like your living in a real life horror movie. This is Satan’s last attempt to hold a soul from receiving eternal life…the same eternal life that Lucifer and his angels lost when they rebelled against the Most High God, The Father Of The Lord Jesus Christ. Even one soul living forever in heaven with God devastates the Satanic Kingdom and what hurts them even more is a spiritual Christian walking in power from God that can be used against them on this earth.

In every case a person who is coming out of the world is in one of two situations… One situation being they are loaded with legions of evil spirits from a life of sin or generational curses the second situation being that they just live in worldly ways and have a good amount of them living in their body. The point being is that if your breathing on this earth you have at least one. The flesh is a sinful existence for mankind and the only man who was ever without influence of an unclean spirit was Jesus Christ for the prince of this word had nothing in him (John 14:30).

Now you may ask then …If a Christian can have a demon then why should you come to Jesus Christ? The answer would be- that before you are born of God you are possessed by demons and after you are born again demons are possessed by you! until God removes them on his time at least! This means your life is no longer controlled by demons and there is breakthrough. Sometimes God wants a person to fight a demon tooth and nail to perfect them and purify them 7 times like silver tried in a furnace. Past experience dictates that a person truly seeking God with zeal that is heavily demonized is freed by Jesus Christ onto a peaceful state of joy within six months and some that are not heavily occupied experience instant peace and connection to God within one deliverance. Victims of Satanic ritual abuse can take a few years however NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION JESUS CHRIST IS THE ANSWER AND WHEN JESUS SETS YOU FREE YOU ARE FREE INDEED (John 8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed).

Understanding the importance of deliverance goes hand in hand with understanding the need to repeatedly point a seeker or newborn child of God continually toward the foot of the cross and instill the need for obedience to Christ. Only those who finish onto the end overcoming the devil will be saved and the Lord Jesus Christ warns us that after our deliverance we should SIN NO MORE lest 7 worse spirits will return and reenter making their abode in us (Mat 12:45). This is a NIGHTMARE on earth and something you would not wish on your worst enemy. At this ministry, prayer for deliverance and healing is offered on Gods time not ours. However God always wants freedom for his children as long as we do not receive his blessings like picking up soda at 7-eleven. A good way to know a false deliverance ministry is when a pastor or prophet is knocking down people indiscriminately with spiritual power, we all must be on guard for satanic prophets operating in so called churches of Christ. One thing to check out is the ministry youtube videos to learn what to look for when discerning a man of God. However, praise be to God in true deliverance someone seeking God in spirit & truth always gets set free and the obedient to Jesus Christ receive deliverance every single time.

After a deliverance this ministry takes followup seriously. Every single person needs personal fellowship so they may hold their freedom. Unfortunately the forces of darkness don’t just casually walk away without attempting to re-enter. In fact the months after whacking the demonic beehive with the power of God could be the hardest months in a Christians walk. This could be where God and his Son want to see a person fight tooth and nail against temptation and sinful ways. Supernatural attack is common at this point, not only in the spirit but also in the flesh through temptation. Physical and verbal attacks from demonized people under Satan’s authority may occur throughout the rebirth of a spiritual Christian. This is demonic powers attempting to break a persons faith and make them feel they are not worthy of salvation and God has turned his back on them. This IS NEVER TRUE so it is a must to minister persistence, obedience, faith, and most of all A STRONG PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST. LAYING A STRONG FOUNDATION WITHOUT CREAM PUFF CHRISTIAN BELIEFS IS A MUST. The Devil is ruthless and doesn’t play fair so a Christian must be ruthless right back to satan’s demons. Staying clothed in the power of Christ and using that power with authority is every Christians right and reward for overcoming demons. When a person is sealed with the spirit and walks with authority and power the initial battle is over and the helmet of salvation is secure. From this point it is a matter of demonic temptation catching a person without the armor of God. After a Christian is truly born again they soon realize they have no place in this world and are a target of random demonic attack until the day they die. When this happens… THEY CAN REJOICE!!.. BECAUSE THE DEMONIC FORCES HAVE NO SUCCESS IN THEIR ATTACKS & THE PERSON’S NAME IS WRITTEN IN THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE!¬†

It is possible to do self deliverance and it is encouraged if a person is strong enough. However if you cannot read a bible, sleep, breathe properly, or stop demons from manifesting and possessing your body then you need help as soon as possible. This is a terrifying experience for some especially those who don’t yet even know demons are the problem and they believe the attack are coming from ghosts or aliens. Thankfully anyone willing to give their life in truth and obedience to Jesus Christ will be protected from being killed by demons even if they have not yet gotten free. For a person in an extreme case like this they must be sure not to loose faith in Jesus Christ and understand God knows how to scare them straight from their past sins. Understand if they serve God he is always watching with his angels keeping them alive until it is time for their freedom and he chastises his chosen children.

There has not been one that has sought deliverance at this ministry that has not received deliverance of evil spirits. Most people end up coughing them out, fainting or vomiting satanic poisons when the stronger spirits leave. It is common for physical visible healing to occur in the body when the demons take off! Some people can be freed through prayer by phone others get more freedom in personal deliverance. It is always optimal to receive deliverance in person! If you seek deliverance or if you have questions contact Chris LaSala at

Be Blessed Always In Jesus Name