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This website is dedicated to carrying out the will of Jesus Christ in the last days. The belief held in this ministry is that as of the year 2013 over 90% of self proclaimed Christians are not even reborn of the spirit and saved and only about 1 in 1,000 people worldwide are truly saved. At the rule of thumb is.. Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3) and Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God (John 3:5).  Knowing this, it is only common sense that a person must go through a phase of the old sinful ways passing away and then spiritual regeneration as a new child of God born of the Holy Spirit. Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. (2 Cor 5:17). To all who seek to come to the Lord Jesus Christ if this process has not occurred in your life or your relationship has waxed cold with God you are then not currently prepared for the return of Christ nor are you prepared for your own death. There is no longer time to waste in getting right with God as all prophesy has been fulfilled in the Bible and the end could come at any time. The goal adhered to at this ministry is to lead someone to the realization that they are in one of  three places as of today:


They do not hold the belief that Jesus Christ came to Earth in the authority of God, his father  & that the bible is not the inspired word of God. They exist in the world believing false Satanic religions and New Age beliefs that all religions are the truth so long as whomever believes in them holds them as truth. They believe that as long as a person has not murdered and raped that the God of heaven will pardon them and as long as a person is friendly and happy they will go to heaven. Even though atheists believe that nothing happens after we die they would be in this group also..


They believe that Jesus Christ is the savior and they feel that believing in that alone is good enough to gain salvation while they continue in sin and are not sealed with the Holy Spirit. They may even go to church every week but they think its not polite to discuss Satan or the reality of his demons. In fact they may not even believe demons exist. They continue in the world watching television and fitting in wherever they go. Living their life comparing themselves to other sinners trying to be a somebody among the lost. They have sat under Roman Catholic heresy, New Age Christianity, Faith Alone Doctrine, or Works Based Salvation Doctrine.


They are truly regenerated, Born of the Holy Spirit and have overcome all willful/intentional Sin. They walk in repentance for their sinful nature which is the un-intentional sin and momentary spontaneous unholy thoughts projected from evil spirits that are facts of this world. Jesus Christ has taken away their pain, addictions, anxiety, sickness, and suffering and has pulled them out of the World. They are at peace in their righteousness and feel a daily connection with the living God and they need for nothing else!  They have power of the Holy Spirit to do mighty life changing works in Jesus Name and they enjoy helping others. They do not fear Satan because they know their authority over him and his angels through a close relationship with Jesus Christ and the power he has given them. This person continues on until the end of their flesh in this world with healthy fear and love for God. They bear evidence of their conversion in Holy Spirit inspired works and a lifelong conviction of sin through the promise of the Bible: that of those who are given to the son by the father not one will be taken from Jesus’ hand by Satan.

Once it is determined that a person falls into one of the first two categories above, of course this ministry is about leading them to the third category. For there is no compromise with Jesus Christ. We will change to meet his standards but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb 13:8) and he will not change to meet ours. As he came once in grace and mercy and for those who smack his hand away his righteousness will ensure your judgement to Hellfire .  Christ came first as a man to represent our hope as savior, giving all those who believe and obey the opportunity to regain union with God in Heaven. Anyone who is not  born of God will not want to see his face when he returns in the second coming as Messiah to judge the quick and the dead.

As of today the outside view of other faiths such as Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, & New Agers is that Christianity is a network of abominable temples set up by the Roman Catholic or Orthodox Superstructure. They believe Christianity is Televangelist Christian Ministries involved in prosperity preaching,false signs and wonders, monetary racketeering, and robbery of its followers. This site is here to show the world that this kind of faith in Jesus is false, satanically backed, and will land everyone who follows it straight to HELL with the demons & satan. Here it is understood why there is doubt in the True Christian faith because of the lies and disappointment. False Christianity has turned Christ into a long haired hippie like do-gooder who can be compared to Ghandi or Martin Luther King when he is not to be compared to men as he is God in the flesh. The truth of the matter is that being in Christ is power over all things. As Jesus Christ overcame the god of this world (satan) and there is no other name under the sun by which demons must kneel.


Through hundreds of encounters and witnesses of people bound with evil spirits the belief held on this site is that casting out demons and healing people is indeed for today, along with all of the other spiritual gifts that the bible speaks of. In America especially… but everywhere around the world the human race has never been so occupied with evil spirits. The ways of the world: TV, drugs, and music have brought the occult and sorcery to the minds of the average child and the demons come along with it. Some people are so bound and tortured they cannot even sleep or breathe properly let alone read a Bible or seek Christ without interference of satan’s demons. These spirits come in through Sin, Soul Ties, Abuse and Generational Curses. After many incidences it has become common practice here to cast demons out of people first who seek to follow God but can’t seem to succeed. The goal is to free a person and then point them directly at Christ and the Holy Spirit so that they can hold their deliverance and follow God. Even though casting out demons has been falsely represented as “not of today” and “a crazy, nutty thing to do” was one third of Jesus ministry and he also gave his apostles authority to continue doing it. As we all know Jesus himself states that these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues (Mark 16:17)  THE QUESTION IS DO YOU BELIEVE OR NOT????

The hope is that anyone with an ear to hear will open their hearts and minds to the truth of Jesus Christ and witness TRUE healing and deliverance of evil spirits by the power of God. It is also of value to realize that God in his word predicted all of the false prophets and false signs and wonders that we see today so that we may be wise as serpents. Please do not feel embarrassed if you have been fooled by false teachings as it is almost impossible to get the real doctrine of Christ in the first few attempts. Every single one who has found the true doctrine of Jesus has had to wade through the lies of the wolves and false teachers sent by satan into the world. However all truth lies in the King James Version Bible which is the only doctrine followed here…… whatever verses of scripture that are even up for interpretation(which isn’t many) are to be interpreted in the context of the entire word of God and not by single verse.

The truth of the matter is that following Jesus Christ is the only true way to happiness as we were all created by him & his Father and we are meant to be with him! Those without him walk the Earth in a strong Delusion believing it is possible to attain peace and happiness on their own efforts, wealth, health, or good luck. Give your life to Jesus Christ today and make his word and his spirit the guiding force that leads your life….Be Blessed Always In Jesus Name..

Chris LaSala


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